The award-winning team at PUR Belize Hotels


The team at PUR Belize Hotels started with a trip to Belize in early 2014...we fell in love with Belize and the people, the tropical, lush surroundings, the ease of traveling here - Belize is an English-speaking country with British Law, and only two hours from most places in the US. Belize takes the US dollar, and the country has a vibe about it that is a non-materialistic, nature-based way of life. There are no chain restaurants here...flip flops are the norm...with summer year-round. Add to that, the turquoise water, 2nd biggest barrier reef in the world, endless beaches, friendly locals, amazing, world-class adventures, delicious local, whole foods, and the culture of lack of urgency and enjoying life - it is paradise in so many ways.

We started with Caribbean Beach Cabanas (CBC) - which started as a beautiful but very rustic 3-cabana rental on a 1/2 acre on the Caribbean Sea in Placencia, Belize. Over the years, CBC has built up into a premier hotel in Placencia, winning the prestigious 2017 Small Accommodation of the Year award from the Belize Tourism Board

In 2016, we bought and renovated 2 condo units in the heart Ambergris Caye, as this continues to be the top destination for travelers to Belize. We desired to bring a few of the visitors down from the island to experience Placencia as well.

We realized the potential of offering a second boutique cabana hotel experience to travelers who want to experience both places, and want a trusted, proven hotel to stay in, to experience exotic Belize. When Casitas Tres Cocos/Youcan Toucan became available in 2018, we knew it was the perfect complement to CBC. We want future travelers to come and enjoy the tranquil, peaceful, relaxation of a beach vacation in Placencia...and also experience the other side of Belize - the action packed adventure available on the island of Ambergris Caye. You can do this with us now on Ambergris Caye at the newly rebranded PUR Boutique Cabanas.

We are truly passionate about offering the best of Belize to our guests. Every detail from the moment you book is meant to offer you the ultimate Belize experience - local touches, exotic details, the right "feel" you are looking for when you are seeking a Caribbean/Central American vacation. Our guests tell thought of everything! We work tirelessly to continue to provide clean, safe, comfortable, exotic, and memorable accommodations for your unforgettable vacation in Belize!