How to get to Ambergris Caye from Belize City...

Transportation from Belize International Airport (BZE) to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye - you can do a water taxi or puddle jumper. The water taxi is less expensive, but you have to get a taxi from the Belize International Airport to the water taxi stand (about $25US) then your water taxi is about $17US per way. ($35US or so round trip). The water taxi takes about 90 minutes to reach Ambergris Caye, with a stop at Caye Caulker. Here are the websites for two recommended water taxis with schedule: or

The quickest/easiest method to get from the Belize International Airport (BZE) to San Pedro is to take one of Belize's regional planes ("puddle jumpers"). You can pre-book this flight by going to, or The flights are scheduled throughout the day. We recommend leaving about 90 minutes between your incoming flight and your puddle jumper flight (although most guests get through immigration and customs quickly, there is increasing tourism in Belize and this is making some waits a bit longer.) Please note that the airlines still recommend 2-3 hours in between. While there is always a chance of delays, please schedule what makes you comfortable - if you breeze through customs and immigration, they will put you on an earlier flight if possible. Recently, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air have changed their booking rules, and Maya now offers a graduated scale where you can buy less expensive flights, but if you need to change, there is a change fee. Right now, the more expensive tickets up front can reduce flying stress, as you can change these last minute without penalty. As we want our guests to have as stress-free a travel day as possible, we do recommend the flexible fare, and as of now, Tropic still allows changes penalty free. Alternatively, you can purchase a less expensive fare with more wait time as a cushion. The flight is only 15 minutes long and once you are away from the mainland the water turns beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. Ask the pilot if you can sit in the co-pilot seat - they will let you if you ask. You'll love the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea - get your camera out! This is truly the fastest, most fun, and easiest way to get here - highly recommended and if you can save money elsewhere - it is worth it.

How do I get through Customs/Immigration as quickly as possible?

If you are taking Tropic or Maya Air, coming from the US or'll fly into our one and only international airport (the airport code is BZE). Note - planes deplane from front AND back at BZE - you really want to try to be one of the first off, as this will get you in the front of the line for immigration - this makes a big difference! We recommend you book in the last few rows or as close to the front as you can, but avoid the middle of the plane. When you get off the plane you'll go through immigration and customs, and then after collecting your bags, will proceed to the Tropic Air/Maya Island Air counter to check in for your flight to San Pedro. If you breeze through immigration and customs, you may be bumped up to an earlier Tropic or Maya Air flight. No worries, this happens often, ask the desk to call us at 630-4781 and let us know you got on an earlier flight, so we can be there to pick you up! 

What do I do when I get to San Pedro to get to PUR?

We will be in touch before check in to get your arrival time, and answer any questions. We provide complimentary transportation from the San Pedro Airport/water taxi - we will have a driver waiting when you land to take you to your suite, where staff will be waiting to check you in. If for any reason you can't find the driver, call us at 630-4781.

What to Pack/Cell Phone Recommendations

  • Every bathing suit you own - and buy a couple extra - you'll wear these all day, every day.

  • Flip flops for sure - don't bother with heels - a nice pair of sandals is more that enough, or boat shoes or running shoes for men.

  • Several pairs of comfortable shorts - at least one for each day you are here (you will not want to re-wear) - and the same number of tank tops or tee shirts/casual cotton beach dresses.

  • A sturdy pair of flip flops or Tevas, or whatever really comfortable walking sandal you have if you are doing an excursion, or a pair of running shoes you can hike in - water shoes are good if you have them. If you are interested in some deep jungle hikes, bring a pair that you can get wet, and a bag to bring them home in. If you are doing the ATM tour - bring a pair of socks.

  • Bring a travel umbrella and a poncho - it really can save a day from being ruined into being salvageable if you can be outside.

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, deep woods off, Avon Skin So soft or baby oil (the only repellent for sand fleas), benedryl (in case of jellyfish sting). Sunscreen and OFF are readily available here but more expensive than the US. Band aids and Neosporin are recommended.

  • Bring a long sleeved shirt or two, sometimes it can get breezy at night since we are on an island. Sometimes people like to snorkel in these too.

  • Bring all your scuba diving needs if this is your thing. Bring your own snorkel gear if you'd like - the tours will provide this but some people might prefer their own or want to snorkel off the shore.

  • A surge protector is recommended (for all travels, just keep it in your suitcase for your trips)- we have had few problems here, but during a storm the electricity can be erratic, and it can fry your electronics.

  • Bring some ziploc bags - in case of rain you will want to put your cell phone in one, if you go on an excursion this serves as a waterproof bag.

  • For females, we provide a hair dryer, but if you can air dry your hair, this is best with the island air. We also will provide an iron and ironing board upon request.

  • Bring a small backpack/athletic bag/tie string bag for your adventures, or a large beach bag. Always carry a ziploc bag, bathing suit, and towel, along with the SPF, baby oil, and bug spray wherever you go on an excursion.

  • Maybe bring 1-2 nicer outfits (sundresses, nicer shorts and shirts) for dinners out. We recommend leaving the nice jewelry and purses at home, this is a very non-materialistic country and you will rarely see fancy items.

  • We have beach towels here, no need to bring your own.

  • Bring your kindle or a couple books you want to read (in the hammock is recommended).

  • Binoculars if this is your thing....bird watching etc.

  • All the other normal vacation stuff...hat, watch, phone chargers, passport, 2nd photo ID just in case. No need to worry about exchanging your US dollars, they are accepted widely here. 2:1 Belize to US, and all prices are in Belize dollars. If the charge is, say, $30, just hand them $15 US and they won't bat an eyelash.

***Finally, HERE are recommendations for cell phone use while in Belize.