Recommended Restaurants

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Our favorites!

**Closest to PUR - of course we have our own fun and great kitchen! But when you want to try something different - you can walk to Croc's for sports bar-type food with a Mexican flair, Dive Bar for great casual food options (try their Bloody Mary!!), Stella's for a quiet and romantic atmosphere, or Truck Stop for amazing food truck options...these are all walking distance or within .2 miles away, so you can easily get there by foot or on our complimentary bikes. You can rent a golf cart for a day to visit some of the farther away options, or easily ride your bike, as even the farthest south options are only about 2.5 miles away. 

Nook - located on the beach in the heart of town, live music, great fish.

Rain Restaurant - north of the bridge, this is pricey but very romantic - get there before sunset! (The sun sets early here - around 6)

Truck Stop - must try - food truck options. 

Caliente - southern end of beach strip - great beach dining.

Blue Water Grill - A must do! Sushi Tuesdays/Thursdays is amazing, but so is everything else. Southern side of the heart of town, on the beach.

Wild Mango’s - great food and atmosphere - southern side of beach strip, on the beach.

Elvi's Kitchen - this is always a local favorite and a must-do, right in town.

Estelle’s - great atmosphere for breakfast, southern part of beach strip, on the beach.

The French Touch - this is right in town and is very romantic.

Pier 366 - Located at Banyan Bay south of the airport.

Stella's - right up the street - has great wine options in a romantic atmosphere- the food choices are limited, but the atmosphere is calm, beautiful, and peaceful - we recommend stopping in for a quieter night or for a drink or two.

***Warugama is an amazing place on back street in town (try the pupusas)...visiting the blue tarps in Central Park for street food is highly recommended....try Poco Loco's Food Court on front street in town....or any of the modest food stands for chicken, rice, and beans, the national dish.

Weekly Fun Events at the Local Bars and Restaurants

Follow San Pedro Fun Finder - This Week’s Events to stay up to date on all the fun happenings on the island!


This is arguably the biggest party day on the island. You’ll see people out drinking and swimming starting in late morning. Most people end up at Truck Stop or Dive Bar, or Paco's Tiki Bar (north), Palapa Bar or Sandy Toes (Boca), or Crazy Canucks (south) in the afternoons for live music.


There is often live music at Dive Bar, or cribbage at Coco's Loco's in Tres Cocos; in Boca Del Rio, Palapa Bar is busy early evening, and there is trivia at Sand Bar.


MUST DO…..go to Crazy Canucks for Crab Races! Dinner - sushi at Blue Water Grill (they also have it Thursdays)- amazing. For a quieter night, trivia at Coco's Loco Beach Bar.


Ladies Night at Pedro's, outdoor movies at Truck Stop, Pool (Billiards) Tournament at Legend's (right up the street), or karaoke at Road Kill Bar or AJ's.


MUST DO…...Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s! Or, trivia at Truck Stop. This is another big party night here. Karaoke at Paco's Tiki Bar is another option.


Game night at Truck Stop, Trivaoke at Crazy Canuck’s (trivia followed by kareoke), Fido’s usually has live bands after 9pm, live music at Sandy Toes, or Karaoke at Average Joe's.


Live music afternoons at Palapa Bar, live music Dive Bar, Wahoo's karaoke, Fido's live music.

***Note - for televised sporting events or special occasions- Croc's is THE place to be on the island! (walking distance from PUR.)


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